Lin Ryan, Founding President, WA

The Carbine Club was founded in Victoria in 1961 and became a noted sporting and luncheon club. The Carbine Club is now established in all Australian States and territories as well as New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Singapore, London, England and Vanuatu. Membership is limited to 40 individuals plus Senior Members, Life Members and Special Members. The Carbine Club of Western Australia was established in 1988. The Carbine Club embraces all sports not withstanding that we are named after the Great Race Horse and Sire "Carbine". In the Melbourne Cup of 2010, the Great Australian Horse featured in the pedigree of all the runners. 

The Carbine Club of Western Australia share the values and constitution of the Carbine Club and our Sister Clubs. 

From the outset, we in Western Australia decided to raise funds for financially disadvantaged junior sports people. Meaning that if and when a deserving junior athlete, swimmer, cyclist, footballer or any recognised sport was having financial difficulties attending a state or national championship, or the like, The Carbine Club of Western Australia would contribute susbstantially to the cost. 

The tyranny of distance has not precluded many well known after dinner speakers from attending our luncheons. Many fly into Perth just for the day. 

Fellowship and quality catering are a feature of a Carbine Club of Western Australia luncheon. Over the years, football (all codes), cricket, racing, olympics etc have been embraced. Long may The Carbine Club of Western Australia continue. 

Lin Ryan

Founding President & Life Member